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Point spread: the difference between independent points remain the preferred medium for betting on football, many new forms of auctions in order. The extension or the line is called and is known as put aside. The common misconception is that Las Vegas will spread as its appropriate accommodation on the edge of victory. But really, a number that we think is a perfect balance and be suppressed as a favorite bet an equal number of people. A negative value for example 6-5 means that it is favored by 6. 5 points. Therefore, 6 5 points from your overall score to pull out. A positive nfl point spread picks espn value for the game itself would be + 6 5 (5 6 Add points to your score) and it would be a loser by team 5 points 6. The favorite must win by at least seven points to cover the spread. The oppressed can lose six points and still. Total: also known as plus/minus, is a number of Sportsbooks has defined a set of points in a game by both teams scores are combined. Then, the fans, to predict if there will be more or less the sum of points. If you play with at least 41. 5, expecting a tough defensive struggle with a lot of game. Select the surplus and feels good that there is a high score. Ultimately, the predictions, the combined total number of points (more than) or low (low total). Money online: more common in baseball and ice hockey, American football sides have WINS in popularity. Has no extension, while his team must win the game to win by a certain number of points. The negative value means that you preferred-(190) and a positive indicating a loser (+ 170). Image of the number 100 session between these two values. For example, if you want to choose a favorite-190, you risk $ 100 to win $ 190. For a loser + 170 raises $ 100, win $ 170 win the dog. In some cases the probability is indeed cheaper and provide a greater benefit in lower risk,. .